Typology Conventions

Throughout the site, there are various use of keywords (like the name of a selector) within sentences and lines of text. In order to make the site consistent, this page is meant to outline the conventions applied for when such a keyword is used.

Use of HTML tag name

  • Ex: Place the sentence within the <span> tag in HTML or the [[span]] tag in Wiki Syntax.

No formatting is required. Simply encase the tag in the appropriate brackets.

Use of Selector name

  • Ex: The #header ID contains the site's name, the top bar, account information, and search bar.

Apply teletype to the name of the selector using the {{ ... }} tags. Be sure to include the signifier of the selector as well (ie. in the example above, the hash). Type selectors have no signifier, so they are simply encased with teletype tags.

Use of Property name

  • Ex: People commonly use the border property over its separate components due to the convenience of the shorthand.

Encase a property name in both teletype and bold.

Use of a Predefined Property value

  • Ex: We chose to center the text for aesthetics.

Encase in teletype only. An predefined property value is any named value that has a built-in meaning when associated with a particular property. For instance, fixed, left, and auto all apply. Measurements such as 20px do not. If the value is unknown, then also apply italics.

Use of a Measurement Value

  • Ex: The side bar is 15em wide.

No formatting is used. Be sure to include the appropriate unit after the number without using a space. If the absolute value of the measurement is between 0 and 1, precede the decimal point with a 0 (ie. 0.5em instead of just .5em).

Use of Color value

  • Ex: It was decided that a red text color was best, which is the same as #FF0000 in hexadecimal and rgb(255, 0, 0) in RGB.

Color values that are named adopt the standard for predefined property values. If the color is given in either hexadecimal or RGB, no formatting is used. Hexadecimal color values are always preceded with a hash (#), and they can be shorthanded when appropriate. For RGB values, the numbers ought to be separated by spaces as in the example.

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