ID Reference
ID Explanation

The list of options related to your account. They are found by clicking on the ▼ button in the login status area.


Defines the little button to the right of the My account link in the login status. It has a little ▼ symbol in it.


A div block at the top of the main content that displays a preview box when Preview is clicked in the editing panel.


The ID of the <div> that contains much of the page.


The <div> block that contains everything but the #container-wrap-wrap and the top Wikidot toolbar


The div block that contains everything except the top Wikidot tool bar.


The block that contains the main section of the page including the content and side bar.


The footer at the bottom of all Wikidot pages. This does not include the license area.


Contains everything in the header which is usually at the top of the page.


One of three empty div blocks located in the header for creative use.


The id of the html <body> tag.


The id of the <div> block that contains all of the login information on the top of the page.


The container that contains all of the text and images directly editable from each page.


The My account link that appears with your login status if you are logged in.


The ID of the optional top Wikidot toolbar with the Wikidot logo


The invisible block behind the top Wikidot toolbar that gives the toolbar height.


This is the container for all pop-up blocks. It is used when accessing user information, displaying an error, or relaying minor processes.


The title of a particular page.


Defines the area for the main search function on each page.


The ID of the actual form used to generate the search box on every page.


The id of the actual input box of the search bar on each page.


Defines the entirety of the side bar.


Defines the top navigation bar.

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