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[http://css.wikidot.com/how-do-i:4 How do I access or adjust my CSS?

First: YOU CAN ONLY ACCESS IT IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SO. This probably means that you need to be the administrator of the site. In simple english… You made the site, or the person that made the site gave you the permission to change administrator pages.
Then… a link to "manage your site" in the navigation will bring you to the admin panel. If the link is not there type in the url manualy. It will be something like http://yoursit.wikidot.com/admin:manage.
If you get an error saying that you don't have the rights, then you will not be able to access the css.

If you did not get an error you're now looking at your admin screen. In the admin screen there is a section: appearence. It is there that you can alter things and access the css of your site.]

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