CSSnippets, analogous to Snippets, is a community driven archive of codes, tricks, and helpers for the CSS realm. The codes gathered here are CSS solutions to problems that may arise.

Better Code Blocks

Allows for different styles of code blocks that mirror Bootstrap's standard primary, info, success, warning, and danger schemata.

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Collapsible Buttons

Allows you to turn the collapsible link into a Bootstrap button.

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External Link Indicators

Displays a little symbol after an external link indicating to what kind of document it leads to.

+0 by Timothy Foster
FontAwesome Editor

Transforms the standard Wikidot Editor Toolbar so that it utilizes FontAwesome symbols and uses Bootstrap buttons

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Inline Hovertips

Allows you to easily use inline text-hover comments.

+1 by James Kanjo
Minimized Login Status

Minimalizes the Login Status so that it only shows the user's avatar and behaves like a button.

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Minimized Search Bar

Minimizes the search bar when not active. Focusing on the search bar reveals the search form.

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Modern Navibar

Modernizes the appearance of the top Wikidot navibar.

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