CSSnippets, analogous to Snippets, is a community driven archive of codes, tricks, and helpers for the CSS realm. The codes gathered here are CSS solutions to problems that may arise.

External Link Indicators

Displays a little symbol after an external link indicating to what kind of document it leads to.

+0 by Timothy Foster
Collapsible Buttons

Allows you to turn the collapsible link into a Bootstrap button.

+1 by
Modern Navibar

Modernizes the appearance of the top Wikidot navibar.

+1 by Wikidot Community
Inline Hovertips

Allows you to easily use inline text-hover comments.

+1 by James Kanjo
Better Code Blocks

Allows for different styles of code blocks that mirror Bootstrap's standard primary, info, success, warning, and danger schemata.

+0 by
FontAwesome Editor

Transforms the standard Wikidot Editor Toolbar so that it utilizes FontAwesome symbols and uses Bootstrap buttons

+1 by Wikidot Community
Minimized Search Bar

Minimizes the search bar when not active. Focusing on the search bar reveals the search form.

+1 by Wikidot Community
Minimized Login Status

Minimalizes the Login Status so that it only shows the user's avatar and behaves like a button.

+0 by Wikidot Community
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