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Custom Themes
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You can base custom themes off of the built-in themes through a drop down menu.

Wikidot comes with 14 built in themes which can be directly accessed through the Site Manager of any site. In the Site Manager, if you access Appearance » Themes, you can see in the drop down menu all of the built-in themes, and these can be directly applied to any category automatically. Alternatively, you can customize these themes fairly easily by going to Appearance » Custom themes instead. Custom themes can be based off of these built-in ones, essentially adding to their CSS spreadsheet.

Alternatively, you can import these themes through the URL construction of:


Below are all 14 of the built-in themes, with access to their current spreadsheets.

Basic Bloo Cappuccino
css_builtInBasic.png css_builtInBloo.png css_builtInCappuccino.png
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Clean Co Flannel
css_builtInClean.png css_builtInCo.png css_builtInFlannel.png
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Flannel Nature Flannel Ocean Flower Blossom
css_builtInFlannelNature.png css_builtInFlannelOcean.png css_builtInFlowerBlossom.png
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Gila Localize Shiny
css_builtInGila.png css_builtInLocalize.png css_builtInShiny.png
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Webbish Old Webbish Base
css_builtInWebbish2.png css_builtInWebbish.png While Base is not considered to be one of the "Built-In" themes, every theme in Wikidot, including custom ones, have this theme as a background. The Base is therefore analogous to a skeleton of sorts, providing the absolute basic outline of the page structure.
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