Welcome to The CSS Zone, the repository of CSS related information for Wikidot and general use.

CSS Guide
css_guide-img-2.jpg The CSS Guide is a comprehensive tutorial meant to help new users to understand the mechanics of the Cascading Style Sheets language so that they may use the knowledge in customizing their sites. Advanced users can also benefit by looking at advanced techniques. This section covers both general CSS elements and how CSS is used in Wikidot explicitly.
Reference Material
css_reference-img.jpg Wikidot utilizes many class and ID names in a unique page structure that combined with CSS definitions produces the site template you see now. The many references in the CSS Zone can help you quickly find the ID or class names of certain elements or show how to use them effectively. So far, reference indexes are made for classes, IDs, type selectors, pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements, properties, and the Page Structure.
css_snippets.jpg CSSnippets are pieces of CSS code that are meant to solve certain CSS-related problems or perform nifty tricks. The codes gathered here are the brainchildren of Wikidot's community of contributors and represent a wide range of needs and solutions.
Questions and Answers
css_question-img-2.jpg In our Questions and Answers section, you may ask specific CSS-related questions that may not be explicitly answered in this site. Answers will come from contributors of the CSS Zone. You may further use other questions asked by people to find specific answers.
Wikidot Themes
css_themes.jpg A Wikidot CSS site wouldn't be complete without a collection of Wikidot Themes. At the CSS Zone, you can find many different themes made by Wikidot itself and its users for your benefit. You may use these themes to decorate your site easily and then customize them using CSS knowledge for a personal feel.
CSS Sandbox
css-red-logo-64.png The CSS Sandbox is a place where you may freely test CSS techniques used here or experiment on your own. You can tweek the CSS of certain pages and get immediate feedback as to the effect of the change.
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